Scientific Programme

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14:00-14:30    Welcome and introduction
  • R. de Franchis (Milan, Italy)
  • Tribute to the Baveno Legends
  • Tom Boyer
  • G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, USA)
  • Andy Burroughs
  • D. Patch (London, United Kingdom)
  • Roberto Groszmann
  • J. Bosch (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Luigi Pagliaro
  • G. D’Amico (Palermo, Italy)
  • Chairpersons: J. Bosch (Bern, Switzerland), R. de Franchis (Milan, Italy), G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, USA)

    14:30 LECTURE-1: New concept of risk stratification
    J.G. Abraldes (Edmonton, Canada)
    14:45 LECTURE-2: Clinical stages and ordinal outcomes in portal hypertension
    G. D’Amico (Palermo, Italy)
    15:00 LECTURE-3: Lifestyle and genetic modifiers of liver disease progression
    A. Berzigotti (Bern, Switzerland)
15.15-15.30    Break


15.30-18.30    SESSION 1

15.30-16-15   Part 1: HVPG as a gold standard
  • Chairpersons: J.C. Garcia-Pagàn (Barcelona, Spain), H. Ferral (Evanston, USA)
    Panelists: R. Gaba (Chicago, USA), H. Ferral (Evanston, USA), F. Schepis (Modena, Italy)
    • 15:30 Quality Metrics in HVPG and Porto-Systemic Pressure Gradient (PPG)
      H. Ferral (Evanston, USA)
    • 15:37 Usefulness of HVPG in:
      1. the diagnosis of CSPH in cirrhosis of different etiologies
      2. assessing the response to vasoactive drugs for risk stratification of variceal (re-)bleeding
      3. assessing the prognosis of patients with cirrhosis
      4. clinical trials vs. proof of concept studies
      F. Schepis (Modena, Italy)
    • 15:50 PPG in the setting of TIPS
      R. Gaba (Chicago, USA)
    • 15:55 Proposed consensus statements
      J.C. Garcia-Pagàn (Barcelona, Spain), H. Ferral (Evanston, USA)
    • 16:05 Discussion
16.15-16.30    Break

16.30-18.30   Part 2: Noninvasive tools for cACLD and portal hypertension
  • Chairpersons: A. Berzigotti (Bern, Switzerland), J. Genescà (Barcelona, Spain)
    Panelists: J.G. Abraldes (Edmonton, Canada), J. Fallowfield (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), M. Thiele (Odense, Denmark)
    • 16:30 Introduction
      J. Genescà (Barcelona, Spain), A. Berzigotti (Bern, Switzerland)
    • 16:35 Compensated Advanced Chronic Liver Disease (cACLD)
      J. Genescà (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 16:50 Use of noninvasive tools for prognosis in cirrhosis
      M. Thiele (Odense, Denmark)
    • 17:10 CSPH
      J. Genescà (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 17:25 Screening for varices and the impact of the Baveno VI criteria
      J.G. Abraldes (Edmonton, Canada)
    • 17:40 Spleen stiffness
      A. Berzigotti (Bern, Switzerland)
    • 17:55 Emerging non-invasive markers
      J. Fallowfield (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
    • 18:10 Proposed consensus statements
      A. Berzigotti (Bern, Switzerland), J. Genescà (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 18:25 Discussion
End of the Day


14:00-14:30    Presentation of selected abstracts
Chairperson: T. Reiberger (Vienna, Austria)
  • Test- retest reliability of hepatic venous pressure gradient (HPVG): a study in 289 patients from the placebo group from 20 rct's
    W. Bai
  • Incidence, predictors and outcomes of de novo non neoplastic portal vein thrombosis in HBD and HCV cirrhotics treated with antivirals
    G. Tosetti
  • Liver stiffness after DAA predicts outcome of HCV patients with compensated advanced chronic liver disease who achieved sustained virological response
    C. Rigamonti

14:00-17:30    Session 2

14.30-15.15   Part 1: Progression and regression of cirrhosis
  • Chairpersons: W. Laleman (Leuven, Belgium), D. Patch (London, United Kingdom)
    14:30 LECTURE-4: PELS in progression. Can they regress?
    I. Wanless (Halifax, Canada)
    14:45 LECTURE-5: Fibrogenesis and regression of fibrosis
    M. Pinzani (London, United Kingdom)
    15:00 LECTURE-6: Angiogenesis and progression of ACLD
    V. Shah (Rochester, USA)
    15:15 Break
    15:30 LECTURE-7: Drugs to modify liver fibrosis progression and regression (preclinical and clinical studies
    J. Gracia (Barcelona, Spain)

15.45-16.30   Part 2: Impact of etiological therapies in the course of cirrhosis
  • Chairpersons: M. Mandorfer (Vienna, Austria), E. Tsochatzis (London, United Kingdom)
    Panelists: S. Francque (Antwerp, Belgium), J. Jia (Bejing, China), S. Lens (Barcelona, Spain), H. Yoshiji (Kashihara, Japan)
    • 15:45 Introduction
      M. Mandorfer (Vienna, Austria)
    • 15:46 Alcohol-related liver disease
      H. Yoshiji (Kashihara, Japan)
    • 15:54 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
      S. Francque (Antwerp, Belgium)
    • 16:02 Hepatitis B with meta-analysis
      J. Jia (Bejing, China)
    • 16:10 Hepatitis C
      S. Lens (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 16:15 Individual patient data meta-analysis for hepatitis C
      M. Mandorfer (Vienna, Austria)
    • 16:20 Presentation of recommendations for the management of cirrhosis after control of the primary etiological factor
      E. Tsochatzis (London, United Kingdom)
    • 16:25 Discussion
      M. Mandorfer (Vienna, Austria), E. Tsochatzis (London, United Kingdom)
16.30-16.45    Break

16.45-17.30   Part 3: Impact of non-etiological therapies in the course of cirrhosis
  • Chairpersons: A. Albillos (Madrid, Spain), J. Trebicka (Frankfurt, Germany)
    Panelists: J. Bajaj (Richmond, USA), J. Gracia (Barcelona, Spain), A. Krag (Odense, Denmark), W. Laleman (Leuven, Belgium), V. Shah (Rochester, USA)

    • 16:45 Gut liver axis: backbone of cirrhosis progression, pathophysiological basis
      J. Bajaj (Richmond, USA)
    • 16:55 Future developments: biomarkers
      A. Krag (Odense, Denmark)
    • 17:05 Future developments: disease modifiers
      W. Laleman (Leuven, Belgium)
    • 17:15 Proposed consensus statements
      A. Albillos (Madrid, Spain), J. Trebicka (Frankfurt, Germany)
    • 17:25 Discussion
17.30-17.45    Break

17.45-19.00    Session 3

17.45-19.00   Part 1: Preventing (first) decompensation.
  • Chairpersons: J. Bosch (Bern, Switzerland), C. Ripoll (Jena, Germany)
    Panelists: R. Bañares (Madrid, Spain), V. Calvaruso (Palermo, Italy), A. Dell’Era (Milan, Italy), S. Gomes Rodrigues (Bern, Switzerland), D. Tripathi (Birmingham, United Kingdom),C. Villanueva (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 17:45 Results of the questionnaire
      V. Calvaruso (Palermo, Italy)
    • 17:50 Definition of decompensation:
      C. Ripoll (Jena, Germany)
    • 18:00 The role of jaundice, perihepatic ascites, MHE and bleeding due to portal hypertensive gastropathy in the definition of decompensation
      R. Bañares (Madrid, Spain), A. Dell’Era (Milan, Italy)
    • 18:08 Impact of the sole presence of infection and of sarcopenia (without other manifestations of decompensation) in the natural history of compensated cirrhosis
      S. Gomes Rodrigues (Bern, Switzerland)
    • 18:17 Meta-analysis with individual patient data on the effects of Carvedilol in the prevention of first decompensation
      C. Villanueva (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 18:27 Specific evaluation of the effect of CSPH, reduction of HVPG and other predictive factors
      D. Tripathi (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
    • 18:36 Proposed consensus statements: Prevention of first decompensation
      J. Bosch (Bern, Switzerland)
    • 18:55 Discussion
End of the Day


14:00-14:30    Presentation of selected abstracts
Chairperson: C. Ripoll (Jena, Germany)
  • Rifaximin alleviates endotoxemia and intestinal hyperpermeability with partially modified fecal microbiota in cirrhotic patients
    K. Kaji
  • Prognosis of patients undergoing salvage tips for refractory variceal bleeding is still poor in the preemptive tips era
    C. Bouzbib
  • Preoperative TIPS prevents the development of post-operative acute-on-chronic liver failure in patients with high CLIF-C AD score
    M. Praktiknjo

14:30-15:30   Industry Sponsored Symposium

15.30-15.45    Break

15.45-18.15    Session 3

15.45-16.45   Part 2: Acute variceal bleeding
  • Chairpersons: V. Hernández-Gea (Barcelona, Spain), D. Thabut (Paris, France)
    Panelists: A. Cárdenas (Barcelona, Spain), A. Escorsell (Barcelona, Spain), G. Han (Xi’an, China), X. Luo (Chengdu, China), D. Patch (London, United Kingdom), B. Procopet (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), M. Rudler (Paris, France)

    • 15:45 General Management and risk stratification
      D. Patch (London, United Kingdom)
    • 15:55 Endoscopic management and gastric varices (AVB)
      A. Cárdenas (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 16:05 Preemptive TIPS and Refractory bleeding
      M. Rudler (Paris, France)
    • 16:15 Management coagulation and PVT
      B. Procopet (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
    • 16:25 Proposed consensus statements
      D. Thabut (Paris, France), V. Hernández-Gea (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 16:40 Discussion

16.45-17:00    Break

17.00-18.15   Part 3: Preventing further decompensation. Review of current evidence
  • Chairpersons: G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, USA), T. Reiberger (Vienna, Austria)
    Panelists: C. Bureau (Toulouse, Francia), G. D’Amico (Palermo, Italy), V. La Mura (Milan, Italy), S. Piano (Padua, Italy), P. Tandon (Edmonton, Canada), L. Turco (Modena, Italy)

    • 17:00 Definition of further decompensation and re-compensation
      G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, USA)
    • 17:10 Primary Prophylaxis in decompensated patients
      L. Turco (Modena, Italy)
    • 17:22 Secondary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding
      V. La Mura (Milan, Italy)
    • 17:34 TIPS use for prevention of further decompensation
      C. Bureau (Toulouse, Francia)
    • 17:44 The role of infections in further decompensation
      S. Piano (Padua, Italy)
    • 17:52 Sarcopenia/Frailty in further decompensation
      P. Tandon (Edmonton, Canada)
    • 18:00 Proposed consensus statements
      G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, USA), T. Reiberger (Vienna, Austria)
    • 18:10 Discussion
End of the Day


14:00-15:00   Industry Sponsored Symposium

15.00-15:15    Break

Session 4

15.15-16.40   Part 1: Splanchnic Vein thrombosis
  • Chairpersons: D. Valla (Clichy, France), S. Sarin (New Delhi, India)
    Panelists: F. Turon (Barcelona, Spain), M. Barrufet (Barcelona, Spain), J.J. Kiladjian (Paris, France), A. Plessier (Clichy, France), M. Primignani (Milan, Italy), A. Baiges (Barcelona, Spain)

    • 15:15 PVT. Anticoagulation vs Interventional radiology
      F. Turon (Barcelona, Spain), M. Barrufet (Barcelona, Spain)
    • 15:30 Staging of PVT. Recurrent thrombosis and prognostic factors for recurrence
      A. Plessier (Clichy, France)
    • 15:45 MNP and splanchnic Vein thrombosis. Diagnosis and management
      Lina Benajiba (Paris, France)
    • 16:00 Presentation of Consensus Statements
      D. Valla (Clichy, France), S. Sarin (New Delhi, India)
    • 16:30 Discussion
16.40-16.55    Break

16.55-18.00   Part 2: Other issues in vascular liver disorders
  • Chairpersons: A. de Gottardi (Lugano, Switzerland), P.E. Rautou (Paris, France)
    Panelists: S. Murad (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), V. Paradis (Clichy, France), M. Senzolo (Padua, Italy), L. Tellez (Madrid, Spain)

    • 16:55 Anticoagulation (Including DOACS) in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic patients
      M. Senzolo (Padua, Italy)
    • 17:10 PSVD/IPH: refining diagnostic criteria including histological criteria
      V. Paradis (Clichy, France), A. de Gottardi (Lugano, Switzerland)
    • 17:25 Proposed consensus Statements
      A. de Gottardi (Lugano, Switzerland), P.E. Rautou (Paris, France)
    • 17:50 Discussion
18.00-18.15    Break


  • R. de Franchis (Milan, Italy)
  • J. Bosch (Bern, Switzerland)
  • G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, Usa)

End of the Workshop